Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Thin ice

You know when it first gets cold and ponds freeze over ever so slightly its like see through paper. Super fragile and defiantly not stable enough to support a flea. Yea well that's about what I'm standing on before I get my butt roasted for the first time in a long long time.

So yea in case you hadn't seen then previous post. I did manage to get myself in trouble. I took my attitude from my family an unleashed it on him. I was whiny and pouty all weekend and used being sick as an excuse. I'm honestly surprised it took till Sunday night and I didn't get in trouble sooner. Saturday in my opinion was way worse. I knew when I was jumping into this that it was something I wanted to work on and he had agreed to help.So props to Mike for taking on the challenge of a life time and having no coach through out this journey telling him wax on wax off. I'm sorry for the lame jokes its 1:15 am and I'm getting tired. He decided to give me one more chance. Which I'm forever grateful. I have tired to keep my attitude in check but I'm not sure I really succeed today though. More on that later.

The last 2 days have been feeling the waters I suppose. Laying down the law I guess we could call it. Feeling out rules that would be good for us as a couple. Practical in our everyday lives, nothing extreme, but still enough its going to take getting used to. Nothings been pushed on me its all been agreed on. (I'm beginning to think this post is gonna be so long)Basically our rules are as follows and they all have consequences and as I found out last night spanking wont be the only one.


  • No cursing
  • No lying will be tolerated, ever
  • Attitude needs to be in check (I don't know how to word this, Mike help)
  • A set limit will be decided before hand if I want to go shopping I need to stick to that limit and if I need to go over that limit I have to get permission first ($180 shoes apparently don't get the go head trust me I tried but more on that later)
  • (I'm totally guessing on this one) Seek permission if I want to do something, ie go for coffee. ( I have so far only because in my book it shows respect)
  • Respect others
I think that pretty much covers them. I'm sure if I missed something he will add it in when he comments tomorrow/today um whenever.

Consequences: Are 100% for him to decide, I get no say.
  • Spankings, Right now using just hand, brush and a belt. I'm sure we don't need to add anymore.
  • Groundings, Lose of privileges such as phone, Internet :(, going out.
  • Lines , repeatedly writing sentences anywhere from 50 to 500. Either to give to when I see him or to do when with him. When with him they have to be done sitting on the floor facing away from the TV, I can't do anything till there done either. Plus my phone will be taken away so it isn't an added distraction. (could be added with another punishment or a punishment within itself)
  • Corner time, given after spankings as a time out and time of reflection. No rubbing allowed.
  • Washing my mouth out (cursing), could also included having hot pepper or Tabasco sauce placed on my tongue. Possibly made to eat a Jalapeno pepper.

Now today My friend from facebook showed me these BeBe shoes. OMG I was having shoe orgasms. I was very much in heaven. I mentioned them to Mike and he asked how much. Now since these shoes are a name brand and Im a label whore to me putting down anywhere from 100 to 200 on a hot pair of heels doesn't bother me. He quickly flat out said no absolutely not. You think me being on thin ice wouldn't push. I got slightly whiny. He was very good about it though and warned me I needed to stop. I did but when I was at work I brought it up again. Ok I admit in my mind I figured if I whined enough he get sick of it and give in and be like "whatever its your money spend it how you want" I got not even close to that. I got "...So toy have been whiney all day and I should have taken care of it earlier...(i think i quickly texted i wasn't whining)... and continue to do it. Im leaving work so we can discuss this when I get home dear." Yea so crap and a half. That isn't the fine whatever answer I was hopping for. Basically he is at his whits end with the attitude and being very gracious I have to make it 24 hours (less then that now) No attitude. Hang on I want to find his exact words. Gosh I love IMing. "so i think its a good compromise, for all the chances ive given, you stay on a zero tolerence policy for another day" Basically I cant screw up at all tomorrow. Bite my tongue and lots of yes sirs/ no sirs. I honestly don't know if I can make it but Im going to try. I know we both are sick of the attitudes and If I knew how to make them stop I would but I don't so its his job to see that they do.

On that note I add a picture of the shoes that make me go OMG and almost would be worth getting in trouble for.

Arn't they BEAUTIFUL!!! I think I would wear them and just stare at how cute my feet looked in them. *Sigh*

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  1. I am glad that we have agreed on these rules, I hope that you follow them and learn to behave.