Monday, November 15, 2010

Three doms one me....

Well I don't even know where to begin with this post. Mike and I finally had a session together after almost a year of planning and talking we finally did it. It was nice and I have allowed him to take that roll for me of being dominate. I need it

My husband I have asked to take a much greater roll in this cause I feel as it is his place. He owns me. He has his henchmen so to speak punish me. I don't know. It works for us

I also still see Dave on occasion and well I saw him Friday night, it wasn't a fun session like I normally get it was strictly punishment/ an attitude adjustment I had asked for a few weeks before. I had no idea what was coming. I was literly sick to my stomach. I finally met him in our spot and waited till he arrived.

We spent some time talking and just reevaluating why I have him still around if I now have three tops or doms. Only thing I can say he has been like a brother. Taking no bull shit or anything from me. He has been such a rock in the last five months when my life was going up and down hill. It still seems to be on a roller coaster but right now it is slowing down. It was nice to be able to talk things out and not get in trouble for them. I even wrote him a letter just letting him know how much I appreciated his help in the last few months but I think the rules I have with him are not clearly outlined. So we worked on that

When it came time for the spanking to start. I was fully willing to submit to it cause I knew I deserved it to a degree. I crawled across his lap in his car. A position I am very used to and comfortable in. It is my happy place. He began over my jeans like always, lecturing and spanking quite firmly. I can happily boast I can take beatings and never cry. Except this time. Two minutes into it I started sobbing. Snotty nose, swollen eyes sobbing. He did a few belt swats over my jeans then they came down then out came the hair brush. Still crying he didn't do it hard at all. I left with a red ass from him. Normally I leave with blisters and black bruises. So it was weird.

He held me for awhile telling me he wasn't mad till I calmed down enough to drive home. I left and went home to spend sometime with my family. I can honestly say I feel like I am losing my position with him and it is a weird depressing feeling. But at the same time I feel like i have a fresh start with mike. Le sigh not sure whats gonna come of this. I shall keep my readers updated

Saturday, November 6, 2010

age player?

OK. So this blog posting as been floating around in my head for sometime. It relates to age play. My husband says I am a closet age player because I can quickly go to acting like an adult to acting five years old. One age play to me seems kinda gross to me. I have no desire whatsoever to call him daddy. I don't have daddy issues. I love my Dad and am very close to him

But on one hand I can see where he gets the idea. When I get tired or hungry, I get very pouty or grumpy. Its nothing crazy. I just have always acted like that. Mike (old dom) says that is me just being a brat. Dave (dom #2) has no say he kinda agree's that I act like a child but more bratty then child like.

Its just something that has been bothering me.

I also need help. I am supposed to be living a DD relationship with my husband but it seems to have fallen to the way side. I rarely get put in my place anymore. I mean like this week. I have had such an attitude it has come to the point of begging anyone to take care of it. He just seems to ignore it. I mean I push and push and nothing... This isn't exactly what I signed up for.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I have a nice post floating around in my head about age play but am to tired and very grouchy plus I haven't quite decided how I want to write it yet. Thats hopefully this weeks topic tho

Monday, November 1, 2010

This weekend!!!

It was so nice to be able to go home to Harford county and actually see some friends and run errands in my old town.

I planned on seeing my spanker friend who I guess we can call him a second dom. Someone I have been seeing since before my husband and I got married.

He has his own set of rules for me. Nothing hard, or that goes against my husbands rules. More so reinforcing Andrews rules. I would almost think of him as an older brother type. So we agreed to meet up for the weekend. I needed a " reminder in my manners" and I wanted a session. So we met at the agreed meeting place. Dunkin donuts. YUM! I for once was early. Go me. Hoped in his truck and went off on some back unpaved roads. Till we went to a spot we used before. He was in a good mood I could tell, which is always good for me.

Once we got there he was like. Lets go hiking. For serious!?!?! I was wearing healed boots. I replied Yes Sir, but really in these shoes? He laughed and was like do I need to carry you? I manged to walk on the stone path and not twist an ankle. The element of being outside was defiantly heating the moment up. I was nervous someone hear or be walking the path. He seemed very chill. We got down to business. He found a log to sit on and I went over the knee and got a nice hand warm up. Thud with sting, I could hear his hand swooshing down. AHHH bliss.

Then we moved on to the "I need to learn manners phase" He had me lean against a tree on the path and stick my ass out a little. By then he already had me remove my leggings and lace panties. I was supposed to get fifty. He started in sets of ten. 1 Sir I will mind my manners, 2 Sir I will mind my manners, 3 Sir I will mind my manners. By ten I couldn't wait for the break it was starting to sting, 20 I just wanted it to be over. He examined my ass. He knew I could take a whole lot more because from him I have and a whole lot harder but didn't want to return me super marked so he cut a deal. Five more hard and fast still counting, then 10 with a switch thingy. I was fine whatever anything but the bathbrush. I got the last five and the words were flying out of my mouth. It fucking hurts!!

The switch... or club. He broke the top off a baby tree it was probably as thick as a mans thumb. It hurt way worse than I was expecting. I just had to count. I think I probably said One Sir.. fuck!! LOL I ended up getting 15 cause when he gave me a break I was stalling before getting back into position. When It was over we took some very hot pics for fetlife and my husband.

It was a blast!!! It was very pretty with the fall leaves and a red ass!

Day two and three I am sporting some lovely black and blue bruises!! :D