Friday, October 29, 2010


I am going home in like 2 and a half hours so excited for this break!!! SO needed.

Seeing Dave sometime saturday sio I am sure I will have lots of fun kinky stories to tell when I come home and maybe some video or something not sure. I will work on that for you all. The pictures are a definite though.

OK beyond excited! Need to go pack. Love ya'll BEHAVE

Thursday, October 28, 2010

And peace returns to the land

Well I got things cleared up with both my men last night.

When I got home I think my husband could tell I was grouchy so he made sure his mood was light and fun and gave me cuddles why we ate some really yummy french toast I made for dinner. This stuff is the shit really!! I was for some reason exhausted last night so I forced myself to remain awake till like 10 and went into snuggling up in bed.

Of course nights of all nights I'm exhausted and all I want to do is sleep my phone kept buzzing and popping. Id fall asleep for 10 15 min then a txt come through. It was a vicious cycle for like an hour. I finally looked at my phone told the unimportant people to leave me alone and was scrolling through the massive amounts of txts when one caught my eye. It was from DOM2. Lets call him dave. He asked what was going on. So his I decided to respond to. I basically told him I needed a few min to talk to him and asked if he was busy since I knew he was working at the moment. He said he could txt and if it was gonna need to be a phone conversation it would have to wait till he could call around 1 or 2 am. UMMM I'm exhusted I will take the extra 15 min and do this over txt

So I sat up and proceeded to type. "Im gonna try and make this sound as respectful as possible, I really didn't appreciate being snapped at earlier today. I didn't honest to god know I want allowed to fb you. I knew txt. I'm sure the rule said txt. So Sorry if I was confused I'm sorry. But then you also said to tell you when someone got back to me on fetlife. That's all I was trying to do, was tell you I heard back from someone. Wasn't trying to get in trouble and snapped at. I learned my lesson from the last time"

Seriously his reply : It's all good no worries. I'm just a busy guy.

UGH men ... Pour your heart and soul out and they give you super short responses *rolls eyes*

Either way I'm glad it got cleared up cause I hate the mind set of being in trouble and having it hang over my head. I love the feeling of a belt or paddle on my skin but then when I'm in trouble no thank you. Its all a head game I know. A very weird one at that.

In other news. I go home tomorrow!! I can see mi familia!! See my friends. Renew my drivers license. BLAH!! DMV SUCKS! but Im going home!! I get to see Dave, I made him promise me coffee and a donut since he owes me pancakes still for taking a huge beating awhile ago. I get to have a girls day with my mom and get my nails done and take her out to dinner. Should be a good time

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rain = grumpy men I have decided

Ok well I am taking Sephani's advice over at . I am attempting to get more readers and if people would comment then I would be more in tune to writing, that makes it a two way road people!

Anyway today was a going great. Did a little fetlife this morning, went to work and had a good morning. Since I am nannying I had to take him to school. Dropped him off came home for my little break in a great mood (cause I'm going home this weekend WOOT!!!) Fell asleep. Then my husband comes home from work. He is on his mids shift which means he is working nights all week and weekend. I understand he is tired. I am tired after work too but when you have to snap at me over something dumb that pisses me off. So before I said anything regretful I walked out of the room to let him sleep. Hopped on the computer and began to facebook and fetlife till my little heart was content and I needed to pick the child up from school. I quickly through in some masturbation in there before dashing off. YUMMY

I know I mentioned in my last post I have a second Dom, which yes my husband is A OK with as long as he remains number 1. Its been going well for us but then he snapped at me. I mean we have a unique relationship. He has a girl friend and stuff so I am not supposed to txt him first. OK I get that and respect that! BUT he asked me to look for more girls for him to spank on fetlife since he is new to it and I asked for a playmate. So I PMed a bunch of them the other night and his exact words were let me know when you get a response. SOOOOOOOOO he was on facebook today and I just sent him a little ;) and he was all "Didn't learn from the last time I told you not to txt or message me first" WELL LA DE DA! The rule was Not to txt you first. This clearly was not a txt message and I was trying to share good news that I heard back from one of the girls. Can we say frustrated!?!?!?

Well that just blew my good mood out the water! I defiantly need to have a sit down with him and clearly straighten things out in the most respectful way I can muster. Well it defiantly wont be tonight cause Im all hot and mad over all the men's grumpy moods... Dumb weather

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ok so this post may seem a little out of no where but I need to try and sort somethings out in my head.

I have a wonderful husband who takes very good care of me. I like our relationship and we have sort of been working on the vanilla side of things recently. Which means that spanking really isn't there. Nor the control aspect I guess, I just tend to miss it a lot which makes me sad. I mean not saying he lets me do whatever I want or whatever he still keeps me in my place and stuff I just miss the spanking. So I have a friend who I met online who is also into spanking. We met around the same time my husband and I met up.

He has a girl friend and lives a very vanilla life except when he is with me. We probably meet once a month and he gets to live his dom side a little and I get to fill the spanking void so to speak. I defiantly like pain and just pretty lay there taking it. I love when I get to have a session with him cause he makes them thuddy and when my husband spanks me he makes them stingy. I love both but like thuddy more.

I like to have the marks for a few days to look at and remember and just kinda adore. I will post a pic of the spanking I got from my that friend a month ago. I asked for a very hard spanking and thats what I got. A well bruised red ass. I was on cloud nine