Monday, October 18, 2010

Ok so this post may seem a little out of no where but I need to try and sort somethings out in my head.

I have a wonderful husband who takes very good care of me. I like our relationship and we have sort of been working on the vanilla side of things recently. Which means that spanking really isn't there. Nor the control aspect I guess, I just tend to miss it a lot which makes me sad. I mean not saying he lets me do whatever I want or whatever he still keeps me in my place and stuff I just miss the spanking. So I have a friend who I met online who is also into spanking. We met around the same time my husband and I met up.

He has a girl friend and lives a very vanilla life except when he is with me. We probably meet once a month and he gets to live his dom side a little and I get to fill the spanking void so to speak. I defiantly like pain and just pretty lay there taking it. I love when I get to have a session with him cause he makes them thuddy and when my husband spanks me he makes them stingy. I love both but like thuddy more.

I like to have the marks for a few days to look at and remember and just kinda adore. I will post a pic of the spanking I got from my that friend a month ago. I asked for a very hard spanking and thats what I got. A well bruised red ass. I was on cloud nine

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