Wednesday, September 8, 2010

New life,... New rules.... but its my life

So its been nearly two months since I updated. The last two months have been a settling period for us. Living in a DD relationship 24/7 was and is a bigger adjustment then I thought it be. I'm quickly learning that its no longer just about me and I can't do what I want when I want.

I also didn't realize how much I thrived off of a routine. With me not working I really don't have one. I mean I have chores I normally have to complete by the time he gets home.

My poor husband has found out about my temper quickly, which I do feel bad about but he is quite good at dealing with it. I mean my temper has resulted in broken implements. Something I'm not sure how it happened or what set me off but I grabbed the closest thing to me which happened to be our hairbrush and I threw it. Well I didn't know it but I cracked it right in half. So bye bye brush. What did he find at our handy dandy Walmart... a dumb bath brush! I miss the hair brush so much I'd do anything to have it back. The bath brush hurts way more than anything I have ever experienced. He barely has to swing for me to be begging for it to be over. I think it may be the implement to make me cry. I have yet to ever cry from a spanking. Im sure it feels wonderful but I never have been able too.

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