Saturday, March 6, 2010


Im annoyed. I wont lie. This weeks been rough one. I'll cough up a lot to hormones. Will he except that as an excuse, doubt it. We are gonna try and do a week review post tomorrow but this post is to get some frustrations out.

My parents seem to be on my case about everything. Driving me up the wall, that is if I don't bang my head into the wall first. For serious, I'm nearly 21. I can handle it. Just get out of my business.

Things with Mike are good. I get frustrated with myself mostly. I try and be good and still end up fucking something up EVERY DAMN TIME! Attitude freaking gets the best of me. I feel like he isn't understanding my side of anything. He is stressing over midterms. I apparently argue ever subject. I understand schools important. I guess I feel pushed to the side. Im frustrated as hell. I got so much mounting up. Lines to do, spankings to get. I want it over. I want a clean slate. Which I feel like I will never get. It keeps getting pushed back.

We finally had one good fight. That felt good I felt better after. But I feel another one mounting up and its hard to fight when HE wont fight back. Which in turn, frustrates me. I don't know how to feel better. I cant exactly talk to him about it because he will just tell me to shush. PLUS I don't want to add to his stress level. Guess I'll lay low and not really talk to him till Wednesday.