Monday, July 19, 2010

Settling in

Well this post is basically just about us settling in to our new house. It defiantly is taking a lot more work then I expected it ever would. Luckily he is off this week so he is spending time helping me

we spent a lot of time today buying furniture. My parents are coming down tomorrow to help finish setting things up an to meet him. Just this is all so exciting

Bought our first washer and dryer. Im actually excited to do laundry

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A New Beginning

A lot has happened in the last few months

I have explored my interest in the domestic discipline scene, met with some Doms/Tops. Found out more or less what I wanted in a long term relationship.

I managed to do this all why working my ass off at work. Trying my hardest to get a promotion that was promised but never came. I still managed to love my job and the friends I met there. Some of the best friends ever. I mean who goes from work to get wings every monday night. It was awesome that I could have a relationship with these people outside of work. Awesome friends is all I can say.

Things at home were up and down. Fights and then things be fine for a couple weeks. It really got to me emotionally. I tried not to be there a lot. I would work 30 plus hour weeks at work then be busy hanging with friends. If I had to be home Id be up in my room. Only person I'd really talk to would be my 14 year old brother, and occasionally my sister but we would fight a lot too. Either way I knew I couldn't stand to be like this with my family forever.

So that sorta catches us up to the end of June and the beginning of July

My parents left for a two week trip to head to the middle of nowhere Montana, leaving my sister and I at home. We really bonded. Went to the beach for the day. Just had a lot of fun together.
Then the parents came home and our little piece of heaven quickly turned to hell. My mom managed to nit pick the house apart. Managed to wake me up by screaming at me the day after she came home. Later that afternoon, I was steaming. She was yelling at my sister over something and I snapped. I got right in my mothers face and basically told her how it was. She had no right to come home and start nit picking bout how the pots and pans were put away and then had no right to be yelling my sister over what she was yelling at her about. Needless to say she didn't like that and told me to get out.

At the time I was talking to a spanker who lived a few miles from my house and told him what happened. He agreed to meet me before I had to go to work and to talk to me about it.
We both came to the conclusion that I could have handled the situation better and I was disrespectful. (didn't help I was disrespectful to him on the phone on my way to meet him) So he offered quite a spanking that left me bruised and well marked for a week. I agree it was something I needed. So I am very thankful to him for it.

I ended up talking to my parents later. In a lot cooler, calmer manner. They gave me the weekend to find a place to live. We all agreed this wasn't a healthy relationship for us. A dom friend of mine who I went on a date or two with took me in for a few days. Then I took the plunge literally!

I had been talking to another Dom who lived near DC and was in the Navy. I'm a sucker for military guys *swoon* He made an offer awhile back. Marry him and he would take care of me. I know it sounds crazy but I kept his offer in mind. I had no place to go after Wednesday. So I agreed. He picked me up from work Thursday night and I have been here ever since.

We got married today, I became a military wife. Got my ID, and we also got our first house today. Can we say productive? I know it sounds crazy and Im sure you all are like how can you just marry a stranger. Well people did it back in the olden days. It worked then because people managed to work together and to create a marriage that works for them. Thats exactly what we are doing, is creating a Domestic discipline relationship that works for him and I.

I can proudly say we are both very proud of what we have accomplished. We get along very well. Have so much fun together. He knows how to handle me and not be to harsh about it. I can proudly say I am falling in love with my husband.