Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Rain = grumpy men I have decided

Ok well I am taking Sephani's advice over at . I am attempting to get more readers and if people would comment then I would be more in tune to writing, that makes it a two way road people!

Anyway today was a going great. Did a little fetlife this morning, went to work and had a good morning. Since I am nannying I had to take him to school. Dropped him off came home for my little break in a great mood (cause I'm going home this weekend WOOT!!!) Fell asleep. Then my husband comes home from work. He is on his mids shift which means he is working nights all week and weekend. I understand he is tired. I am tired after work too but when you have to snap at me over something dumb that pisses me off. So before I said anything regretful I walked out of the room to let him sleep. Hopped on the computer and began to facebook and fetlife till my little heart was content and I needed to pick the child up from school. I quickly through in some masturbation in there before dashing off. YUMMY

I know I mentioned in my last post I have a second Dom, which yes my husband is A OK with as long as he remains number 1. Its been going well for us but then he snapped at me. I mean we have a unique relationship. He has a girl friend and stuff so I am not supposed to txt him first. OK I get that and respect that! BUT he asked me to look for more girls for him to spank on fetlife since he is new to it and I asked for a playmate. So I PMed a bunch of them the other night and his exact words were let me know when you get a response. SOOOOOOOOO he was on facebook today and I just sent him a little ;) and he was all "Didn't learn from the last time I told you not to txt or message me first" WELL LA DE DA! The rule was Not to txt you first. This clearly was not a txt message and I was trying to share good news that I heard back from one of the girls. Can we say frustrated!?!?!?

Well that just blew my good mood out the water! I defiantly need to have a sit down with him and clearly straighten things out in the most respectful way I can muster. Well it defiantly wont be tonight cause Im all hot and mad over all the men's grumpy moods... Dumb weather


  1. sometimes you have to just sit back and let them be grumps. when they get in a better mood then you can be all "you DID tell me to let you know when they responded...." because he should of been clearer about his wishes if it was a case of "let me know next time I talk to you if someone has replied."

    men...they usually don't know how to use their words :P

  2. UGH Seriously. I love pain so being spanked and whipped I'm totally ok with. When it comes to getting in trouble idk the mind set is different.