Monday, November 1, 2010

This weekend!!!

It was so nice to be able to go home to Harford county and actually see some friends and run errands in my old town.

I planned on seeing my spanker friend who I guess we can call him a second dom. Someone I have been seeing since before my husband and I got married.

He has his own set of rules for me. Nothing hard, or that goes against my husbands rules. More so reinforcing Andrews rules. I would almost think of him as an older brother type. So we agreed to meet up for the weekend. I needed a " reminder in my manners" and I wanted a session. So we met at the agreed meeting place. Dunkin donuts. YUM! I for once was early. Go me. Hoped in his truck and went off on some back unpaved roads. Till we went to a spot we used before. He was in a good mood I could tell, which is always good for me.

Once we got there he was like. Lets go hiking. For serious!?!?! I was wearing healed boots. I replied Yes Sir, but really in these shoes? He laughed and was like do I need to carry you? I manged to walk on the stone path and not twist an ankle. The element of being outside was defiantly heating the moment up. I was nervous someone hear or be walking the path. He seemed very chill. We got down to business. He found a log to sit on and I went over the knee and got a nice hand warm up. Thud with sting, I could hear his hand swooshing down. AHHH bliss.

Then we moved on to the "I need to learn manners phase" He had me lean against a tree on the path and stick my ass out a little. By then he already had me remove my leggings and lace panties. I was supposed to get fifty. He started in sets of ten. 1 Sir I will mind my manners, 2 Sir I will mind my manners, 3 Sir I will mind my manners. By ten I couldn't wait for the break it was starting to sting, 20 I just wanted it to be over. He examined my ass. He knew I could take a whole lot more because from him I have and a whole lot harder but didn't want to return me super marked so he cut a deal. Five more hard and fast still counting, then 10 with a switch thingy. I was fine whatever anything but the bathbrush. I got the last five and the words were flying out of my mouth. It fucking hurts!!

The switch... or club. He broke the top off a baby tree it was probably as thick as a mans thumb. It hurt way worse than I was expecting. I just had to count. I think I probably said One Sir.. fuck!! LOL I ended up getting 15 cause when he gave me a break I was stalling before getting back into position. When It was over we took some very hot pics for fetlife and my husband.

It was a blast!!! It was very pretty with the fall leaves and a red ass!

Day two and three I am sporting some lovely black and blue bruises!! :D

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