Thursday, January 7, 2010

Near Death Experience

Have I mentioned that I hate cars!!! Or maybe they hate me!! Anyway I was driving to go pick up a friend who is home on winter break. I was very excited to get to see her so I got the music going and Im singing along and Im almost there. Then it happens *Insert Dramatic music here* The wheel to the car falls off AND PASSES ME!!!! By some higher power I was able to get the car to the side of the road (well the bottom of a drive way because get this on the road I was on there is no side of the road). Im like OH HOLY MOther fucker. ect. I call my mom ask her to pick me up. Now i dont remember if I told you but Im borrowing a friends car this week. Yea it was his car. The car really must hate me, because two days ago it had to be jumped. yea the battery died. It was tuesday, I was trying to leave work early because I was about to barf everywhere. So I went out to start it and all it did was make clicking noises. FOR SERIOUS!?!? So my last few days with cars suck. I now have to buy the following. A new tire, A rotor, a rim, lug nuts and more things. Oh yea and i have to pay the towing bill. There goes that pay check. So guess what. I HATE CARS but now need to find my own because I just found out my father is selling the truck he was going to let me use. Screw this! I should buy a damn horse


  1. Or you can take the bus like we do... much easier. LOL


  2. There is no bus out here. I live in the middle of the country. Like seriously we live on a farm well What I would consider a farm nothing like what my friends have. If you ask my dad what our crop is we sell he would say fire wood. We have so much of it on our 4 acres

  3. So I went car shopping. this is gonna be hard. I want a truck with four wheel drive or my Jeep Wrangler. *sigh*