Sunday, January 24, 2010

New beginnings

Well so then I was told I have to bring some key points up in this post and that I have to clean my room by 4pm tomorrow...I think if I start now It might be close to being done by 4 tomorrow.

Well from the previous run on sentence, can you tell I know have a new Dom. mmmhmm I is very happy. Very happy is me. :)

Our short little relationship has been fun, and I exactly what I want. We had a conversation about it yesterday on how it would be nice because we could be ourselves with each other and not have to hide one part of ourself. So slowly we are going into this. I think its pretty much come natural thus far. (Any thoughts babe? since I know your reading this.)

Pretty much rules come up as they go. Guys he actually thinks his rules out so there arn't loop holes. How lame is that. How else am I supposed to find away around them?? If you got ideas please share them.

So fair though really haven't been issues. Ok maybe one tiny one. I swear!! Ok its probably gonna be one of our main issues and I was upfront about it and Im pretty sure he guessed it. But its my attitude/respect (him along with others) surprise surprise. Saturday apparently I took my attitude with my mother and sister and it carried over to him. I will admit he gave plenty of warning subtle and not. So I guess I really didn't have a reason to be all pissy with him. So I do apologize for that again. So now I'm on thin ice he said and attitude wont be tolerated at all. Point blank. Almost got myself in trouble at work today cause I was whining a lot. (Ok I admit it, it was a lot of whining.) And to clarify thats with him not anyone at work, we txt a lot. YAY unlimited texting. One day I will have to tell y'all bout my $1000 dollar cell bill. He has been very patient with me. I will admit he has given me more chances then I deserve. I wont even make excuses *coughimsickcough*

Ok now I have to address embarrassing part. He says if my attitude continues then Im getting punished. Punishments from him which we discussed and I guess they could be worse are pretty much spankings and groundings or both if your really dead. Groundings I most likely would hate a heck of a lot more because I would go insane. especially if he was to take away like my computer privileges. Cause I luvs my computer. We are like BFFS!!! But for the attitude Im told Im gonna be spanked and not gonna like it one bit. Then shoved in the damn corner.I hate corners there dumb and boring and smell funny. Spiders normally preside there ICK!


PS: Oh yea so on the plus side we are betting in the Superbowl. Loser has to take a spanking. Two words. GO SAINTS!! Im calling it now Colts vs. Saints. Saints win. Just gotta get past this over time game and his precious Vikings and there old ass quarter back can go away

PPS: He wont let me go to the mall tomorrow cause my rooms not clean *pout* and it has to be done like I said before by 4 and it has to be done right which means no shoving it in the closet. So now I cant go shopping.



  1. seems like you could not curve your attitude and now are in need of a good spanking my dear and you were warned many times and still did not listen

  2. LOL... sounds like things are going well for you and your *ahem* bum.


  3. Now now lets not be to hasty. Im not exactly offering it to onslaught. He was very very kind and gave me one final chance. I think it helped that my room was clean and I did my laundry today.