Friday, January 22, 2010

At the cross roads

So Im excited to say I have learned I have 2 readers!!!

In other news Im sick as a dog. I have the worstest cold ever. Ok maybe not worstest cold every. Just It seriously sucks. Im all congested and can't breathe. I feel like a fish out of water. Gasping for air. Im sucking water down too. Not any fun. But Im pushing myself to go out tonight, because I desperately needing to see this friend. We have a lot to discuss. I want to move badly down south, kinda in haste made that declaration and she wants to talk about it plus something about her ex boy friend getting another girl pregnant. I know, hot juicy stuff right. So were going to the store and getting dinner. Nothing exciting. I already know Im calling out of work sick tomorrow because I was supposed to go drinking with some friends but I don't even feel well enough to do that yet.

Remember I said I met someone on fetlife. Well if i didn't I know have. He seems like a great guy, funny yet can be serious when needed. Caring all the important things. We will see though, Im done with rushing relationships. He to would like to take it slow. Plus Im not jumping into meeting someone i met online. Ect. I mean we have fun when we IM each other but thats about it. As far as we have taken the relationship. I know we both are hesitant so thats a good thing in its own way.

I haven't heard from the other guy so Im going to say that its not gonna happen plus I like that the other guy is local.

Now about my statement about moving. Im getting so annoyed with my parents Im ready for a change. I want to basically start over again. So I called a friend down south who I planned on visiting anyway in April and was like look if I come down I doubt I will be coming back home. So now its a toss up. Do I stay here an peruse a relationship or do I start my life over. Its truly a cross roads moment


  1. What part of the south are you thinking about? I've spent the last 10 years or more down south (before moving to the UK) and am due to head back there at the end of Feb. to sort a fiancees visa. I might be able to give ya some good insight on if its worth it :P

  2. I was looking at like Flordia. Have a friend there. Totally could use some insight.Email me me at and I'll give you my screen name