Thursday, January 21, 2010

Due for an update

So I think after a week I should update you guys. Even though Im pretty sure Spirited is the only one reading thing.

Anyway I joined Fet life due to a friends suggestion and met this guy last night. I think we mesh well. We were joking last night that we hadn't grown annoyed of the other yet. We talked from 10 pm to like 430 am. It was a nice conversation and I hope we continue to talk.

Also talking with an old Dom of mine and he would like something to happen between us but im taking it slow.

I basically decided that Im gonna find someone who makes me happy in both the Dom/sub/Master/slave stuff as well as the BF/GF dept.

I'll eventually find someone. Also Im thinking of moving south because Im done with the state im in now. Also so done with parents.

Yep that sums up the last week or so. Im headed to work for a few and I plan on writing an in depth post later tonight.

Behave ya'll


  1. I guess I should un-lurk myself :P I do read here quite often and it seems you have a good understanding of what you want, you just have to get there.

  2. Its seems that getting there is just the hardest part. I will try and fill you all in what s going on later. I just got this god awful head cold and been in bed all day cause im supposed to go out tonight.