Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Short but sweet

Well the Ex and I will never ever be happening. Why do you ask? Well first lets say I have been waiting awhile for a clear answer on what I should do. Well it came last night in the form of an AIM conversation. I found out him and my friend whom introduced us were no longer talking and I wanted to know why so here is the following conversation ( i dont have the actual conversation so I will see what I remember)

*after asking why they weren't talking*
Him: Because I got annoyed with her. because she was flirting with me but not following through, everytime she wasn't with Will.

Me: where u flirting back

Him: So I told her I was keeping my distance cause I couldn't trust her.

Me: well were you

Him: Yes

Me: Even when we were considered together? and when you knew I was trying to get you back. AND she knew it too?

Him: Yes

Me: Oh ( i then signed off and dont really want to talk to either of them again)


  1. Ouch... sorry to hear that. I don't blame you for not wanting to talk to them.


  2. Well I went through the typical emotions I cried myself to sleep. Im now pissed off. What kills me is she was one of my best friends