Saturday, January 23, 2010


Lately I have noticed how bitter and angry towards my mother. I cant even really come up with a reason on why Im bitter I just know I hate her with a passion. Its pretty sad I have no desire to have a relationship with her whatsoever. If I had my way I wouldnt live here and I wouldnt ever talk to her again. I really only want to build a relationship with my father. I don't know why I have this bitterness but I dont like it how it makes me feel like an ass. I will admit that I wake up with an attitude towards her and it remains throughout the day. Anything she says I take sarcastically and to heart. I dont like that she in a round about way makes fun of me or the way I dress. saying my pants are to tight or stuff. Maybe I wear them tight because I like them tight, did that thought ever cross your mind, or maybe I like showing my cleavage off. I was blessed with boobs so dont be haten that i have them and you dont.

She adds to my stress level enough that she drives me to smoke a cigarette. Its pretty bad. Then she wonders why I smoke. Hmmm Support would be nice from her once in awhile. I dont care if you dont like what Im doing with my life, maybe if I had some support it be different.


I know this was totally random I just needed to vent

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  1. Sounds like how things used to be with my mom and now we have a pretty good relationship. It basically took me facing her one day... and in a calm and purposeful way I basically told her that I'm happy with my life and the way I live it. That I've got things under control and I don't need her "advice"... if I want it I'll ask for it. That I know where I am and exactly where I'm going.

    By the end of it all she had to say was "oh". And from that point on she treated me like she would treat one of her friends. She still makes comments, but always ends up adding "but I know you can handle it, so I'm not worried" kind of thing. She still gets her 2 cents in there, but does it in a respectful rather than a degrading way now.

    I would say that in order for things to improve with your mom, you'll eventually have to do the same thing. She needs to know that you are no longer a child and can take care of yourself. That you know who you are and what you like, and that her snide comments are immature and unappreciated. Basically to talk to her as though she is the child she thinks you to be.