Saturday, December 26, 2009

Stressful christmas

Merry christmas everyone I hope you had a wonderful one!

Mine was stressful. Im gonna post about it but not sure how much because Im tired and have to work tomorrow. I got a new camera thats awesome!! I can't wait to start actually taking photos now.

Now on to why it was stressful. My mom has been an utter bitch the last week or so. My mom and I never get along for long periods of time anyway so Im not surprised plus I think she is beginning to go into met-pause (totally the wrong spelling but im tried. So no surprise there. So basically I tried to avoid her today.

My dads older brother is moving in here. So our house is gonna be a little full. Im happy about this. Kinda. First off Im being kicked out of the basement apt which Im not thrilled about but hey he would use it more than I would. I mean lately all I do is work and sleep. SO I never use the living room/dinning room/ kitchen area. So my rents gonna be cheaper. And my parents can charge him more and they do need the money badly. Now the part Im most upset about is I have to go to a twin sized bed. I know that seems kinda like dorky to be upset about but Im like 20 almost 21 and Im not a kid anymore. Im used to having a queen/full sized bed. All my sheets and such fit those sized beds. I can't have guys spend the night in a twin ( not that im supposed to anyway) I just like the room. Plus I payed for all the stuff I have in the Apt. Like the towels and shower curtain. I wont have my own bathroom now either which I dont like at all. I hate sharing a bathroom with a whole bunch of teenagers. So adjustment period. Yes I think so very much.

Now I also am looking to buy a car in 2 weeks. Why 2 weeks because I will have another pay check to put down on it which will put a nice down payment. Hopefully I am keeping my job and Hopefully with in the month of Jan I will own a car. I also learned today my dad is on my side a lot with everything. He agrees we need to get me a car asap. He also agrees about the bed thing too. which to me is shocking. My father and I don't have a wonderful relationship. He wasnt here a lot when I needed him growing up. Its good to know he is trying now and I for some reason am a lot quicker to forgive him then my mother.

So tonight I talked to my friend S.K about everything and she seemed to agree with me. I talked to the ex and he seemed strangely out of it. Idk what his problem is. Im way to tired to explain. Then again we only talked online so maybe im reading to much in to it.

im gonna crash. Goodnight all

Ps. I know I have some followers and this blog is new but I could really use some encouragement and comments so please leave me some

much love,

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