Thursday, December 24, 2009

*Sighs happy sigh*

Oh Happppppppy Sigh!!! I cannot explain it to you...ok ok I'll try :D

Lets see where to begin: Worked last night. not a terrible shift just super busy. I was kinda excited cause I was working with the manager who likes me. But he was in a weird mood so I kinda just let him be. I finished counting my till. He (the manager) asked me to do the trash (gross but I didn't care) then I was asked to take all the hangers back. 6 freaking heavy boxes of hangers like a million hangers. Everyone else had gone home except the cashiers, so it didn't feel fair.(plus my mom was waiting) So I did the trash and walked back and was like "can I please go home" I did the trash and Im tired. Everyone else went home." his answer which made me feel terrible was "Umm well it wasn't what I asked but go home" I felt like 2 inches tall. I mean that was kinda like a dom answer. *blush*

But on to goodish news. Ex seems like we are making great strides to being back together. I made the comment that I didn't want to go to work ( on friday) and his comment was "If your breathing, and your not dying your going!!!" Oh happy sigh.I was so happy I think I confused him, cause I was like oh we're back at that YAY!! He was like WTF you want me to be your Dom and your happy that Im making you do something. So I explained I was happy that he was taking that control again. Very happy!!! So last night while I was counting up my till I txted him and was like well I went to work and I was a good girl and didn't even whine. his only response. " Thats what I expect to hear" *melt* He is just about back!!!

So I worked today and it F'ing dragged. It was the longest 8 hour shift ever. But Im happy cause Im off tomorrow and I got payed today. I opened my check and was like OMFG. The store manager BJ was like um something wrong. All I could say was um close to 700 dollars amazing. He just smiled and was like you were here a lot and earned every penny. Its nice to know I have a little extra money. So I can pay bills and really set some money away for my new/used car. Oh and buy a new bed. Yea long story but I need a new one cause I am not going back to a twin *pout stomp stomp POUT*

Tomorrow is christmas and its gonna be a white one :D and its pretty and nice and OK it really doesn't feel like christmas to me. It seems like way to early for it to be christmas.

Random fact I wanna go get my nails done

Merry Christmas folks

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  1. Glad to hear things are going well with your ex and you may get back together. Hope you're having a wonderful Christmas!