Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Christmas Time

Today I did nothing. Which is wonderful! I slept till like 11 which was Fucking wonderful and all warm and cozy under the blankets. I defiantly wasn't rushing to get out of. I do miss feeling someone next to me though, and the cat doesn't count! Looks like Im going to have to buy a new car though which kinda sucks. I just went through the whole process earlier this year. Like in September. I put my entire first pay check, and all my birthday money towards that car and it only got me 3 months. ERGH!!! I wish I could find the guy who hit me so I could sue his ass into buying me a new car then I would get the yellow Jeep Wrangler I need. But Alas right now Im stuck looking around for a new car. Now the debate is what is affordable and can meet my needs. Id like it to have 4WD because of the impending snow we are supposed to get a lot this winter. YUCKY!!! I like summer so much better. Which a jeep would be cool cause I could go topless in the summer and not get arrested. HEHE!! I know its a lame joke. I would even do a truck but I prefer a SUV like car. I don't like car shopping. Its expensive, boring and I have no idea what Im looking for. I just know what I want and what I want I can't afford. ERGH NESS!!!!

ex and I have been talking a bit today maybe clearing some things up. Which feels so good. I feel like when we have these days Im making progress towards my goal of us being together. Im kinda tired of hearing bout the ex tho. She comes up a lot lately. Then he mentioned he found some of her toys in storage. She really screwed him over yet he still is friends with her. I understand they were together for a long and they have the same friends and what not but I dont like it. I kinda just want him to have eyes on me. Just want me ect. ergh I was bout to go somewhere with this but I got distracted.

Yea so I need to get laid so bad. I need sex. I need rough passionate sex. Masturbating used to work but now its kinda like um no. All I can think of is wanting to be tied up or cuffed up and taken anyway he wants. I hate anal and guess what I would totally go for anal right now. I just wanna cum :(

Edit: oh yea so I remember why I titled the post christmas time. Well its cause I got my tree up today. My parents went to see the a christmas show so my brother and I stayed home an put up our tree since my parents seem to be lacking in the get it together. So we put the tree up, which I am very proud of. I love the theme and its gorgeous. I also took picture of all the lights out side in our yard today. I am including this pictures for you to enjoy.

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