Monday, January 24, 2011

weddings & kink

Life in the last few weeks has taken some amazing turns of events and I hope by speaking about them it doesn't mess them up. Even though Drew and I are already married. I am in the process of planning our wedding which is extremely exciting! I seriously love weddings and to actually get to plan mine finally is extremely exciting. It won't be the lavish affair I had once hoped for however its gonna be one kick ass party.*fingers crossed.* I plan to do a lot of the stuff myself, like make my own veil, do all the flowers myself, all the center pieces myself. Trying to cut cost as much as possible. I'm going dress shopping soon with my sister who is a bridesmaid and my best friend/ maid of honor along with my mom which has me pretty excited.
Talked to drew last night about our kink level and how it felt very blah and ordinary. We seem to live a very vinalla lifestyle and its not something we can necessarly help. I mean fingers crossed he gets taken off the desk at work and he will get a basic nine to five job. Even in the military those seem hard to come by. Fingers crossed. This would mean we actually could go to sleep together every night. And there wouldn't be the two weeks I barely see him a month. Hopefully it would aid in our kink getting back on track!!! I do love him just miss the kinky us


  1. Congratulations to you both and what a lovely thing to plan, no wonder you are excited. There are some fabulous dresses online too which could help cut your costs. Good luck with your plans.

    blossom x

  2. Thank you so much! I am on the hunt for the perfect dress and hopefully keeping the budget at under 3000 for the whole affair.

  3. Ooh, have fun!
    Good luck with the nine to five. Alpha and I spent a year only seeing each other once a week and it was really rough.