Sunday, January 9, 2011

Playing catch up

Well since I suck at posting... and its a new year I shall attempt at posting

We recently returned to the east coast since being in Washington state for two weeks to visit his family and friends. I used all my vacation days and he used all his leave time up. It was beautiful. I am in love with that place as much as I am my home town. It really has become a second home to me and I really pray we get stationed there in 18 months. 18 months isnt long yet seems so far away.

On the kink front!
  • I still see Dave regularly and he makes me smile like crazy. Get a text from him and its instant smiles. I have pictures on fetlife of our last session which took me two weeks to heal from. I couldnt ask for a better second dom or play partner
  • My husband and I are slowly working on our DD relationship. It hasn't taken off much as I expected. I do love him with all my heart. I never thought I would fall this in love with someone. He is my world. We have our ups and downs but I wouldn't want to go through it with anyone else. I loves him
  • I also have started seeing Mike. He is a great disciplinarian. Just wish I could see him more often. Our work schedules don't really allow for it.
Not much really going on besides that. I need to get to unpacking and undecorating now. I hope to be posting a lot more now

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