Monday, January 17, 2011

sitting in the Er

Well I'm bored sitting in the military ER cause Andrew is sick, I don't mean cold sick, I mean flu sick. So I thought I do an update from my phone so we shall see how this goes.
I'm really frustrated, because there is nothing going on with Drew as far as dom sub stuff or even sex. I haven't had sex in weeks. Anyone else have this problem? Anyone have a solution?
Let's see I saw Dave on Fri and got a nice spanking/ beating. I has pretty bruises!! I'll upload a picture tonight. He was supposed to come down today but couldn't make it. Which ended being a good thing. I do miss him and wish we could spend more time together cause we just click really well. And I love when he calls me baby and stuff like that. Anytime I get a txt from him or a call. My face defiantly lights up.:)
I haven't seen mike and since I can't see him nothing much more going on there. I do miss him. I defiantly have a very strong Dom/sub relationship with him. I just feel really connected to him. And not seeing him makes me miss him all the more. Hopefully ill see him soon. Well that's it for now. I'm sitting in the hospital room with my husband

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  1. hi i hope things are ok with you and Drew

    blossom xx