Thursday, February 17, 2011

sunshine makes my world go round

So its 50 or 60 degrees of pure sunny warmness outside. I'm in love and enjoying the sunshine as much as possible, cause with my luck it will snow next week. Anyway I went and got two pairs of shorts today. Ahhh sun. Makes life so much better. Now that drew is biking the 8 miles to work in this weather it seems to put us both in great moods. His new schedule started this week. It seems to be working out well. He gets home plays video games till I get home and then spends a few hours with me before I crash and go to bed. Although last night I went to bed almost as soon as I walked in the door. I had a killer migrane.

Wedding plans are coming along nicely. It had to be pushed back a few months cause of his parents not being able to make it out that week. His dad almost refused to come which pissed me off. I mean he didn't obviously come to our court house wedding. We are half doing this for them. Either way he can't complain we don't have the money cause its my trust fund I'm using to pay for it. Luckily he changed his mind. So I'm looking at having a beautiful fall wedding at a vineyard. Fingers crossed they have a weekend available.

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