Monday, February 21, 2011

unexpected weekend fun.

This weekends was a flipping blast. Spent Saturday shopping around the mall and IKEA with my husband. Bought him a new desk for the office and rearranged the furniture in there so I could spend more time with him. So now I have my own desk and chair and a twin sized bed to hang out on the office so I can be chilling in there with him.

Sunday I surprised him by inviting one of his old play partners down for dinner and drinks. A few shots and some liquid courage and permissions from her Master we both got beat. Then I got a lesson in spanking her. And gave her some pretty marks. Then out came the vibrators. She got all the fun. At least six orgasms. If I wasn't broken I would have been thrilled and gotten some too. It was a very hot scene taking place on my living room floor. I defiantly enjoyed dominating another girl. My husband seemed to enjoy watching it and encouraging it. Hope we get to do it again soon. Look for pictures on either mine or my husbands fetlife accounts.

My fetlife user name is: ditzilittlegirl89 and you can access his from mine.

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