Sunday, February 14, 2010

Tantrums get you know where.

"You had a major incident this week, more then i have seen from you before. You started the week off better because you were already in trouble but then you informed me about how irresponsible you had been not paying your cell phone bill. Then when you were informed you would be in trouble you gave me push back but eventually accepted it, however, when the punishment was told to you, you mocked it and then as I ramped it up since you thought little of it you continued to argue and negotiate and then after that threw a full blown tantrum like a little girl and pouted and whined which is not acceptable and you know it so that is why you are in more trouble this week on top of what you were already in trouble for." ~ Mike

Bad week! More crappy snow, leaving me locked in the house with my mother, sister, and brothers, My mothers best friend, her three kids, and my 13 year old brothers best friend. Which equaled a really full loud house. Lots of shoveling and me doing incredibly dumb stuff... i.e. jumping off my 15- 20 foot high deck into the 50 plus inches of snow.

Am I happy about this weeks behavior review, absolutely not! Im really embarrassed. Im embarrassed at how I literally lowered myself to acting like a 5 year old who didn't get their way. Hmmm maybe because I didn't get my way. I was however honest which he forgot to mention and told him my phone got turned off. He failed to mention the HONESTY portion. I did get them to turn it back on though. He forgot to mention that too.

I was bad and was 2 months behind on my bill. I really thought I was only one month. SWEAR. But it does explain why it was 235 $. So we agreed we would discuss it before going to bed that night and come up with a suitable punishment. Not like I wanted to add on but seriously I knew arguing wasn't getting me anywhere. He wasn't even mad at me. Just disappointed.

So when the time came to talk about it. I was good with the punishment, which happened to be 100 lines saying I'd pay my bills or get spanked. 'Cept in all honesty I thought it was the dumbest punishment ever. I very vocally let him know this, which quickly doubled the punishment. I then went into full panic mode. I flipped. I did everything short of kicking and screaming and had he been in a hearing range I probably would have. I lied I defiantly through something in my room. I was defiant told him directly No I wasn't doing 100 let alone 200. Attitude quickly became present and he told me I probably should go to bed, to which I responded to maybe I would and didn't need his permission to go to bed. I slammed my computer shut. I would like to make note. He remained so calm during my temper tantrum. He never once yelled or anything. I fully expected to get a txt saying we would talk about it in the morning. Nope not a thing.

I woke up the next morning still mad. Wasn't going to say anything to him, wasn't going to apologize until someone else showed me the errors of my way. Thanks Sephani. He txted later and all I could do was say sorry. He said we would be having a long discussion later about my behavior. Which ended up being a 20 min. discussion on how he wasn't going to put up with it anymore. How I embarrassed myself with my tantrum. I didn't say a word. It wasn't my place. My place was to listen and only answer with Yes Sir/No Sir, when I was asked a direct question.I defiantly wasn't about to step out of line.

Since my punishment I still haven't served was for being rude and disrespectful and I repeated that offense again two fold he would just add to that punishment. So now I have those 100 lines I argued about, a more severe spanking, longer corner time. Both sets of lines are due friday when I see him. The spanking and corner will happen at a later time.

Not looking forward to any of this.

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