Saturday, February 6, 2010

Last Straw

"You started off by having a good week you were nice and were making sure to be responsible as well as obeying our rules. However, as the week progressed your attitude started getting the best of you, I asked you to stop you continued to give more attitude back even going as far as being disrespectful to me by saying some pretty nasty thing and it was then that I had finally had enough and decided that you just could not stop and needed to be punished for you attitude and disrespect."

I really messed up this week. I disappointed him, I think I even made him mad to a point. I seriously am mad at myself as well for getting in trouble. I was already in trouble to a degree with my language. It was a really busy day at work and I was getting mad and frustrated. Every time the phone rang I wanted to slam it down. Hard to answer phones and deal with frustrated rushing customers. And everyone of them flocked to the register at once. There like chickens. So by the time I was done ringing I was already short fuse about to blow. He said something just teasing and I blew. Attitude kicked in instantly. Which he told me to cut it out and I defiantly responded with no and to go die. Somewhere else I threw in there that I hated him. I really don't I swear. Baby I don't hate you!!! It was bad enough he had to tell me to apologize and normally I'm pretty good about knowing when I crossed the line. I guess thursday night my attitude was so bad I didn't want to admit it or even say sorry. I mean I did to avoid trouble, which I found out when I got home I couldn't avoid. Cause as soon as I was home I was sentenced. Sentence is 100 lines reading "I will not be disrespectful or I will be punished." & a hand spanking on the bare until he thinks its enough and Im sorry. Plus I need to still serve my cursing sentence. In good news though I did my lines last night because I was bored and going stir crazy. So 2 left. Not looking for the last two at all and I just want them over with. Now if the weather would corporate I could get them over with.

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  1. thats right you were warned and now are going to have to face the consequences. you are going to get your butt spanked nice and hard for your attitude little girl