Saturday, February 6, 2010

Blizzard 2010

Ok seriously I hate snow. Yea a couple of inches is pretty but thats about it. We don't have a couple of inches we have feet. The weather men before hand wouldn't even call an amount all they would say was " A measurable (at this time) of snow is headed for your area" Ok that amount now is pushing 3 feet. Its cold and wet and cold and I HATE SNOW!!!!!!!!! ugh now that we have cleared that up. I will post a picture of the snow drifts later. Only good thing about the snow is it maybe sledding tonight. Keep my dad and your uncle in your thoughts as they are plowing the snow. Left yesterday and now are home for a few hours sleep before heading back out. With the sounds of things they will be done plowing tuesday. Right in time for storm number 2 to hit. Which sounds smaller but 6 inches on top of all this. Im gonna sob. I just want it to stop. It ruined my plans so I am a very bitter person.

Picture one: Our trampoline Is bout 3 or more feet of the ground the snow just misses the top
Picture two is my leg the snow is above my knee, you can't tell with the snow pants on but its deep.


  1. *sighs longingly* I miss the snow... and I can't wait for my daughter to be able to see it. :-D

  2. I put those up especially for you. Now how do I go about boxing it all up and sending it to you.

  3. Awe thanks... I wish there was a way to send it here. But that's okay... it won't be long before we're back in the US and getting out own snow. :-D

  4. I say we just switch places! Im game. I'll drug someone else into coming along